Monday, March 05, 2007

Wonder of wonders!

I actually did manage to get the oil changed this weekend! For some reason, this was much harder than usual, I think mainly because I decided to use my newish multi-quart used oil tub, which is ever so slightly too high to simply slide under the car, meaning I had to jack it up a bit, meaning I couldn't really get under there very well to loosen up the drain plug, meaning I had to say some bad words. I really started the latter in earnest when oil blurped up over the rim of the oil tub because I had neglected to open the little vent on top. Oil all over the driveway.

I am a moron.

ANYway, got all that cleaned up and did a little underhood cleanup as well. Everything continues to click along, although it's well past time to change out the rear tranny seal and bearing and the driveshaft bearing.

But at least I don't feel so bad about not changing the oil--SINCE JULY!!



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