Friday, May 18, 2007

And speaking of working on your car...

...I've just been sent a link to some very handy advice.

I got this from one of my regular commentors over on Possumblog who goes by the name of Steevil. In addition to being a famous rocket scientist, he is also the proud owner of a Triumph Spitfire that he drives and tinkers on. Steevil is a member of NASS--The North American Spitfire Squadron, and occasionally comes across some very good articles, and one in particular that was posted to their message board is this one: Bodywork Lessons I Have Learned.

Of special note are the admonitions to keep your work area clean and tidy, keeping your tools clean and in their proper places, and having some sense of what you're trying to do. A bit of planning on the front end can save a lot of bruised knuckles and broken parts.

(He said, ignoring his own mental debility.)

Anyway, read the whole thing, or better yet, print it out and tape it to your garage wall.


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