Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Good Morning, Fans of Aging Swedish Iron!

It's been a while since I've had anything to report, mainly due to the intrusion of real life into the Fun Zone. BUT, there are a couple of things to rejoice about--one, I just got another glovebox, and this one looks very, VERY nice. Came from Canada, and it's nice and even and the front panel doesn't look like it's about to fall off (yet) and best of all, THE LATCH WORKS! (For now.) As I mentioned earlier, my other glovebox latch failed, which means that my box was locked with several important things inside, notably some copper crush washers for the oil plug. Yes, I know they sell them at the store, but I can never remember to get them. ANYway, that box is actually the SECOND one--the first one that was on the car went into the can when I replaced the dashboard. Maybe this time the latch will last a bit longer.

Yeah, I know--I crack me up, too!

Second, and an even sweeter deal--I scored a complete new Hella (see update*) sidemarker lamp set with harness off of eBay for only $53. This actually is pretty steep given the value of the car itself, but I figure when IPD sells the same lamps for 76 bucks each, and the wiring kit is another $20 or so, so it's a pretty good purchase. (He said, trying to convince himself.)

Anyway, add those to the other stack of stuff I need to work on. Time for an oil change again, and I still haven't gotten a new rubber o-ring or nitrile hoses for the filter relocation kit, and the recent addition of new tie rod ends has put a crimp in ordering new struts and shocks, and I still have to get a thermometer sending unit so I can hook up my ambient temp gauge, and the driveline vibration is getting progressively more pronounced.

So much to do, so little time.

*UPDATE: Well, dang. They aren't Hella, but DJ Auto Components Corporation, the same Taiwanese company who made my headlamps. They look the same, and the price I paid is pretty much what you pay from someone like FCP Groton, who sell them for $30 a pair. They did come with the harnesses and splice clips that FCP doesn't sell (but IPD does), so I didn't overpay, but I also didn't get quite the screaming good deal I thought I had.

Ah, well. Caveat emptor.


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